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    We clean all "New and Old" types of Leather, Suede, and Fur. Your garment(s) will be cleaned, pressed, treated for stains, refinished, and returned to you! Trust Imperial Suede and Restoration, LLC.
    Recommended Cleaning for Leather and Suede Garments is usually Every 3 Years or When a Spill Occurs.

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    (Updated April 19, 2014)

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    Clean and Store your Leather, Suede and Fur Items.  Stains will set in if left untreated.
    Louisiana's Leather Cleaner!

    White Kid Glove Cleaning -                                       
    Treat Stains Before They Set In !                               
    • Talk to Leather Experts about your leather and suede.
    • We answer questions about leather and suede cleaning:
    • info@spotlessleather.com or Call 985-624-2606  
    • We dry clean leather jackets!!! and more...
    • Located in Mandeville, LA  Servicing New Orleans Area
    • Your Nation-wide Mail-In Leather Cleaner!!
    If your garment is 3 years old or more,   
    it will benefit from  'Professional Leather Care' !!!
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    Clean and Refinish   
    Leather Furniture