Oily Letterman Jacket/ Sticky Football Jacket

Q:  My letterman jacket from high school has developed oily, sticky, and really nasty stains on the sleeves.  It is blue wool with gold sleeves.  I have my 25th reunion coming up and can't take it with me in it's current condition.  Can you fix the sleeves?

A:  We see quite a few of the football jackets with sticky sleeves.  It can happen due to a number of reasons.  Vinyl is a petroleum based material.  When it gets to a certain age, it can begin to break down.  We clean these jackets using our leather cleaning method.  Cleaning will correct a great number of the problems, but adding a special sealer will finish the job.

Right now, we are working on 2 football jackets from 1986 and another from 1991. All three have the sticky sleeves.  That gives an approximate age of when the break down occurs.